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JvK Homes is a studio based in London providing affordable, time efficient project managment and elegant but simple makeovers for both individual and real estate properties, with a focus on achieving a premium look and decor. Our expertise lies in helping our clients transform properties by giving them a unique, neutral, and chic style, without the need for expensive renovations or building licenses. By mastering the art of home-staging, we create visually stunning environments and desirable homes.

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joséphine von klitzing

All through my professional path, I have cultivated my eye, always in search of creativity and taste that expressed my desires or those of my clients. So naturally, after having worked in decoration, an auction house and in fashion and textiles in Europe and central Asia, I am turning my personal taste and enthusiasm into a profession, combining aesthetics, know-how and craftsmanship while allowing me to be on site, in contact with people. 


I adapt perfectly to the demands and tastes of my clients, taking care to get to know their preferences and desires. This allows me to create warm, calm, more extravagant or sober atmospheres, depending on the personality of the person and the nature of the space.

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